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Cell phone controversy continues

June 13, 2006

Just read a very interesting article MSNBC ( entitled "Students find ring tone adults can't hear).  It seems that students are downloading a new ring tone called "Mosquito" that adults can't hear because it is a high-frequency.  Originally the tone was designed for stores to use to break groups of kids hanging around outside buildings.  It seems just one more way that kids can use cell phones.  I've followed most of the arguments regarding cell phone use in classrooms and have agreed that maybe if we educate kids on proper use and so on we could get a better handle on the situation.  But it seems to me that any company that would market a product like this should have some culpability as well.  I'm not so naive as to know that business are out for a profit, but have a little integrity as well.  Anyway, I just found this extremely interesting.  What kids would go to such lengths!

My hardest thing with the cell phone issue is that parents want to keep in touch with their kids.  We have kids use the excuse that its their parent calling.  My question…why are the parents calling during class time?  Can't they leave a message or something? 

Another question?  How young should a child be before they have a cell phone?  Any ideas?

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