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NECC 2006

July 5, 2006

First full day of sessions and I’m already just so excited. My first sessions this morning really jazzed me up about doing project-based learning. It gave me some reall useful ideas I can go back and give teachers. Unfortunately, I didn’t look very well and this mostly for elementary people. I can let others know. Two really good ideas I’ll take back from this workshop:
1. Search for and use beginning software. In other words use technology that is more than getting kids on the computer at the end. Use software that allows students to complete the project and even begin the project. Technology should be more than using a word processing app for turning in a paper. Unfortunately, I have too many of those in my building, but we are slowly converting!!
2. Project based learning is about an authentic audience and application. I like idea of doing something not just to do it, but for it to have a purpose even beyond the classroom walls. That there is something more to an assignment than just turning it in to the teacher. This latter obviously is not working. Plus with the Read/Write Web our students are open to a global audience. Some of them are already interacting with this. So, why do our assignments make just the teacher their audience?

Overall, good session!

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