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Warlick’s 2 CENTS WORTH post “In Defense of NECC”

July 13, 2006

Since for some reasons I couldn’t leave a comment at his site, I’ll post my comment here. David Warlick wrote:
My point is that many, perhaps most, NECC attendees come to learn the “How To.” They want step-by-step instructions, and they are seeing brand new things in the exhibitors area. We too, who have attended conferences for years (decades) should be seeing new products and concepts in the exhibitor halls, and we are right to demand it. But the conference, as is, is not a failure. Thousands, I suspect, left fully satisfied.

I agree that most of the people who came to NECC are first time attendees, some are more experienced. I attteneded NECC this year because I had had such a positive experience last year. This year I came away with less awe, but still found the conference to be informative. I have more ideas to take back to my teachers and more understanding of applications I’ve only read about. I probably will not go back next year, but possibly in a few years. For those who are just venturing into this new technological world, the NECC conference can be both overwhelming and inspiring. For those who may be a “old-hand” with these technologies, the conference may seem stagnate. However, those who have experience with these things may need to share a little more with those who don’t. So, the idea of the conversations would be fantastic to give those who have been going awhile a chance to share. The organizers for NECC have their work cut out for them for the future. After all, the 21st century brings many changes to education, shouldn’t the conference also be aware of needing to transform. Just a thought….

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  1. July 13, 2006 11:24 pm

    These are good comments and concerns. For those who attended, please follow through when the opportunity to comment/evaluate the conference is sent out. Every comment and rating are read and taken to heart. If you have a specific idea for Atlanta (NECC 07), you might wish to send your idea or thoughts for next year to

  2. mo345 permalink
    July 14, 2006 7:53 pm

    Good idea. Thank you, Gordon!

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