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My take on DOPA

August 3, 2006

The blogosphere sethes with the reports that the House of Representatives passing the Deleting Online Predator Act (DOPA). Many have added their commments and predictions to the mix, so I thought I’d add my take as well. I find that our elected officials have once again had a knee jerk reaction. Instead of solving the problem, they have placed a band-aid to stop the small amount of bleeding. Instead of banning them, we need to teach them the right way to handle themselves on-line. We are taking step behind. We are so worried about how are students measure up to those in other countries; well we’ve just taken out of their hands a way to learn and connect with the outer world. We are not preparing them for the world that lies ahead; instead, we are shrinking back and telling them that how they are interacting is wrong, but instead of showing them how to act, we’ll just ignore the problem. Haven’t our reps learned from history? Prohibition didn’t solve the country’s drinking problems or the organized crime portion. In fact, organized crime grew during prohibition with bootlegging. Oh, wait, Prohibition deals with alcohol should we not mention this as it might influence kids to start a life of crime? These are the meanderings of a woman who at 2:30 am is unable to sleep. Please be forwarned when you read this.

Follow-up: I just sent a letter to my Senators thanks to a link on David Warlick’s 2 cents blog that asks to Revise DOPA. Thanks, David!

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