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HELP? Filter Hell!

October 4, 2006

Question to anyone who might be reading this…I just read this post by Joyce Valenza’s post Premature (?) Sharing… (she seems to be my favorite lately) on some exciting things students are doing in her building. I’ve read several of these at other places and have so wanted to pass these along to my teachers. However, I have a hitch. With our new filters in place, we can’t get to site like Flickr or Flagrant Disregard’s Flickr Toys (see Joyce’s post) or several Web 2.0 sites. Several blogs are blocked and the like. The reason for the block, the powers that be say, is that it may not be the part that someone is getting to but several pages within the site that contain inappropriate material that student could to if they are willing to navigate through and find it. I’ve tried to convince the powers with that it is good for students. But all they see is that it can also be abused.

My question: Any other tactics I could try to get them to unblock some of these sites (i.e. Flickr)? I thought about showing them what others are doing, but I can’t get into the sites to even show them. Suggestions?

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