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November 14, 2007

Found Mike Wesch’s Information R/evolution (via Alice Yucht) most interesting. After the day I’ve had today with butting heads over the use of Diigo to help with research, and the future of books in a technology driven world, this video just illustrates exactly how technology and the social and collaborative aspects of the Internet are changing our world.

Information can no longer be considered stagnate. The idea that what resides in between the pages of a book is the be all and end all of the known knowledge on that subject is gone. What this video illustrates is the ubiquitous nature of information. It is shifting and changing. I love the idea at the end when it talks about the need to analyze, evaluate, create, etc. are the skills that are needed to navigate the new information society. We need to be teaching our kids to recognize reliable content, read that content critically, and relate what they have read to what they already know or create new knowledge from the various things they read.

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